Bathroom Remodel, Santa Rosa

by admin on January 13, 2011

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? It’s one of the most common remodeling jobs done and can transform your dated bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

Although bathroom makeovers are one of the most frequent remodeling tasks taken on by homeowners, they are one of the toughest to get right. After all, most bathrooms are only about 50 square feet. So, it can be difficult to arrange everything you want (such as a bath or whirlpool, separate shower, and possibly two sinks) so that the result is both functional and visually pleasing. Don’t try to cram in too many amenities!

Despite their relatively small size, bathrooms can be costly to remodel. And because of the plumbing involved (and possible re-wiring) you probably want to get a professional rather than try to do it yourself.

There’s a great resource that I ran across at Consumer Reports about bathroom remodels. While it was written a couple of years ago, the information is very helpful.

I recently remodeled a bathroom in Santa Rosa, CA and made a short little video to show how much better it looked “after!”

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Chris Rhodes Construction is a proud member of the Redwood Empire Remodelers’ Association, the Western Regional Master Builders Association, and the North Coast Builders Exchange.

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Whenever you are considering remodeling your home or hiring a contractor, make sure to get professional advice and assistance!

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